Southwest Coshocton Landowners Association

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Many Ohio landowners are joining landowner groups and here are two good reasons to join a landowners group:

1) Share Information - The group will provide timely, valuable and factual information to the members from guest speakers from various government agencies and other non-profit organizations. The group will discuss Lease Terms and Lease Clauses. There are terms and clauses that must be included in a good lease and there are terms and clause that must never be in a good lease. We will outline the responsibilities of an oil and gas driller. Also, we review the responsibilities of the landowner. The legal team that represents the group during negotiations have their responsibilities too. The environment is important to us so we will discuss the proper methods for testing and maintaining your water quality and quantity. And finally, the landowner group has responsibilities, values and goals.

2) Landowner Coalition - The landowners group will work towards forming the most contiguous block of acreage possible. This will assist us in obtaining the highest signing bonus, the highest royalties and best lease terms possible. The SCMCLA board members are 100% voluntary; we do not accept any payment for our time. Even if your land is presently encumbered by an oil and gas lease we encourage you to join a group. A lawyer may review your situation and discover that the encumbrance can be removed.

There is no charge to join Southwest Coshocton and Muskingum County Landowners Association.

If you would like to join the Southwest Coshocton and Muskingum County Landowners Association ... then please download the Landowner Agreement below:

Please download and fill out the Landowner Agreement:

Landowner Agreement (PDF)

Mail or drop off landowner agreement to:

59 North Fourth Street
Zanesville, OH  43701